Father, husband, leader, failure, hero, winner, loser. All words that have swirled around my brain as thoughts at different times, sometimes several times a day. We often find ourselves reacting to our thoughts, they are always self-imposed and almost always made-up.  We’re interpreting stories, making up plots that involve characters and circumstances.  These thoughts occasionally lift us up but in many cases spiral us down to deeper depths.

Whether it be the elation of being on top of the world or feeling failure and isolation, our thoughts are powerful and without our awareness, can control the direction of our life.

Of the many joys I’ve experienced over the past year the one that has been my greatest gift continues to be my ability to recognize, acknowledge and let-go of thoughts that don’t serve me. As a result I’ve created space to relax, brought focus to my health, enhanced my relationships and opened up my heart to the work I love most.

Health is core to my well-being, I’m so satisfied with that aspect of my life.  Nutrition, meditation, fitness and my physical being are beyond what I ever envisioned.  My health supports me in being present and connected to the world around me.  The following is a picture taken 5 months apart, I’m sharing it because it’s a good representation of the transformation that I feel inside and out.

When you notice that thoughts are directing your life do these three things:

  1. Slow down and notice the thoughts you are having
  2. Acknowledge the thought
  3. Relax, breathe deep and connect to your inner-self that is expansive and has room for everything

The following link will take you to a simple self-assessment on how you might typically self-sabotage, the report will assist in enhancing your positive intelligence, happiness and personal potential. http://www.positiveintelligence.com/assessments/