“Happiness is a state of mind, that has nothing to do with the external world.”
Lord Krishna


I’m inspired to share Lord Krishna’s quote as an example of what I am witnessing from clients. In one client session this past week I noticed that something had shifted in my client’s energy and presence. Concerns from the past had evaporated, replaced by warmth, his open heart and a clear sense of being more effective and efficient at work. Not withstanding working from home with his partner and two young children with a shelter-in-place in effect he was “home” and happy within himself.

What creates shifts in how we see our current situation to a mindset that “feels” like home? That place where time slows down  and we show up as who we are at our best, with happiness and love.

Here are three insights that I’ve gained from my clients’ and through my own life experiences.

1/ Peace is available to all of us through conversation. Decades ago my grandfather was the person that I could sit with and talk about anything. I might show up happy, confused, scared or unsure of next steps. He’d listen, give me space and hold that space with love. He’d occasionally ask questions and other times he’d simply listen or give me a sturdy pat on the back, tell me that I was ok and all would be fine. That feeling of support is with me for life.

Right now, we need to talk about how we’re feeling. Take the opportunity to reach out to a trusted friend or colleague and have a conversation. Conversation can be a powerful access point in discovering what is true for you and connecting with “home”. I am so inspired in witnessing how leaders are holding that space for their team members and colleagues.

2/ Do the work you are called to do. Explore the truth of what is most important and take steps to do more of that.

Trust your wisdom, your values and your knowledge in doing what feels right. Peel away unnecessary distractions that get in the way of your actions. Take intentional steps to do more of what’s important. Turbulent times such as we are experiencing, invites leadership, creativity and innovation into our world.

3/ Create structures for success. Changing habits is tough, you know it and I know it, our best intentions get hijacked by old patterns, those “aha”moments become just that! Moments.

Sustainment happens through practice and in setting structures to reinforce the changes you are making. One structure I have is a small heart shaped rock, it’s a reminder to connect with my heart when I notice that I’m too agenda driven. Some of my clients follow the best practice of sharing what they are wanting to change with people they trust and asking for their feedback. Others connect with how that feeling of change shows up in their body, for many, somatic connection is powerful in changing habits.

I hope that these perspectives serve you in some way. I know that riding the wave of emotions can be challenging for every person, I also know that nothing feels better than finding our own “home” inside ourselves.

Stay safe and best wishes.